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Once logged into Therefore, at the bottom of the screen you'll find the menu. Select Magazine (1). This is where you find your library of existing contracts for which you have, or have had the responsibility. 
To add a new contract, click on "File" in the upper left corner (2), select "New" (3) and start a new document in viewer (4). 
This opens a new screen. If it does not (fx if you are using Internet Explorer) this is typically because the browser blocked a pop-up. In this case select "Always allow for site" to proceed. Please be aware that this may force a log-out of Therefore and require you to start over.   

Once in the viewer you can add (5)or remove (6) files as needed. 
Look at this part of the process as sorting the relevant documents for a contract (the contract, the agreements discussed, associated files such as fx the DPA etc) into a case folder where you always have the documents you need relevant to a specific contract. This must be done through a simple point and click interface, one file at the time. 
Once you have all the files you want, click on "Index Data" (7) to write up metadata. Select/double click "Content" (8) from the list.   

Now add the necessary metadata to the contract. 
"Contract / Product Title" (9) and "Author / Supplier" (10) can be filled out as you prefer. There is no set standard, but these fields will be visible to you in the overview of all contacts, so it is recommended to put in something descriptive. 
"Category" (11) are chose from drop down-menus. Pick the best match.
"Contract Responsible" (12) is a drop down-menu where you can find the owner of the contract - in this case, yourself. 
"Contract Start" and "Negotiation Date" (13) should be found in the contract.
"Reminder" (14), When your contract reaches the set negotiation data, the system will automatically remind you by e-mail. You can change when to receive the reminder, by changing the reminder data. So if a product has a negotiation on April 1st and you want the reminder on the 3rd of January you input (31+28+32-3 = 87).
"Active Contract" (15). If a contract is active a workflow can be started on it. A workflow uses the metadata input in this box to send you a reminder. If the contract is inactive any workflow run on the contract should automatically terminate. 
"Legal Company" (16) is a drop down-menu. Select the best match. 
"Estimated Value" (17) should be found in the contract. 
"Notes" (18) a limited space of appr. 256 characters to make relevant notes about the contract.
"Update" (19) - when all necessary metadata has been added click on "Update to attach the metadata to stack of documents in contract folder.  
Lastly verify that everything is as it should be, then click on "Check In" (20) to start the workflow and receive the reminders about the contract. 
The metadata will pop-up for one last review. Click on "Save" (21) to save the data. 
One final window will pop-up allowing you to make a note of the changes you made. The notes will be tracked on your u-number inside Therefore, so you can always see if a user made changes to a contract folder :)

Simple as that :D

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