Welcome onboard letter

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Welcome onboard to Karnov Group A/S, this document is a quick guide to get you up to speed on the IT facilities here at Karnov Group.


First time you log in to your laptop you have to change your password, the password must consist of at least 7 characters, a combination of letters and numbers and preferable special characters. You have to change your password every quarter, the last 24 passwords will be remembered and can’t be used again.

Username: uxxxxxx  - insert x whit numbers 

Password: abc-1234 - must be changed at first login


At work

Your devices are prepared to automaticly logon to Karnov_InsideDK or Karnov_InsideSE from this wireless network you have access to the shared network drives and internal webpages, if you use the wired connection at your desk you will have the same access.

If you have a private device you are free to connect to Karnov_GuestDK or Karnov_GuestSE, which only provide internet access.

Guest network:

* SSID: Karnov_GuestDK or Karnov_GuestSE

* Password: Pw2K-Guests

At home

To work from home you have to logon to our VPN client before you have access.


* Open Cisco AnyConnect.:

o Start -> All Programs -> Cisco -> Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client

* Choose Karnov_DK or Karnov_SE from the dropdown menu and press connect.

* Click Connect Anyway.

* Enter your username and password and press OK and accept.


At the Copenhagen office we use a system called FollowMe. When you send a print you choose the printer FollowMe and go to the printer of your choice, you swipe your access card at the printer and select the print you want to print.

The first time you use FollowMe you have to login with your username and password to assign your accesscard with your account.

In the Stockholm office we use regular print, you can send a print to STO-C7055-1 located at the reception or STO-C7055-2.



We use office365 this includes Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote. You can also access your mail via webmail, found under favorites in your webbrowser.


You can access SAP systems through the installed SAP GUI client or as a hosted service through your webbrowser.


We use Lync communicator as our chat client, you may manually add colleagues you communicate with.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is our default browser, but you are free to choose another browser of your choice, some of our systems don’t work with Chrome and Firefox and therefore we don’t offer support to these.

All our webbased business systems can be found in the favorites folder, including Webex, invoice approval, webmail and our Servicedesk portal.


Yammer is a social media portal, all company information is gathered on Yammer, this is where you find the personalehåndbog and the organization diagram, this is also where company information is announced and Project groups collaborate.

Network shared drives

You have access to four different network drives.

* root (F:) – Department specific folders in your own country.

* uxxxxxxx (H:) – Personal drive, where you must save personal files.

* production (P:) – Content specific for the content department.

* scandinavia (T:) – Shared folders between departments and countries, SE/DK is country specific folders, SCA is shared between countries.


If you have any questions or you experience any issues regarding our IT facilities feel free to create a ticket and we will do our best to assist you.

To create a ticket open your webbrowser go to Favorites, Karnovgroup, Servicedesk or enter servicedesk.karnovgroup.com - create a ticket by clicking New Support Ticket.

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Karnov Group Denmark A/S

Sankt Petri Passage 5, 1165 København K

Telefon: 33 74 07 00?


CVR-nummer: 10 36 19 90

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