1. When you print the first time, you must be registered in uniFLOW which is the system behind the printers.
  2. Go to the printer and swipe your access card at the card reader, the screen will now change at the printer / copier, here you must type your Windows login and password..
  3. Then your card number is saved in the uniFLOW database under your user profile. Next time you print, you just need to swipe your card at the card reader and printer / copier will be available to you, you can then select your prints in the display, you want to have printed.

Detailed description 


When the user comes to the machine the machine will be locked, to use it, the user must be identified to the system behind, uniFLOW. To do so, the user swipes his/her card over the card reader.

When the card is recorded on the card reader the display will change and you will be prompted to enter your Windows username and password for identification

Pressing lightly on the white box at the User Name line a keyboard appears, enter your username, exit with OK

Then tap the white box at the Password line a keyboard appears, enter you password, exit with OK

After entering the username and password press the Login button to send the information to the system, then the card and the user is paired in the database.

The display will finally change to the window in where it is possible to release the print jobs of the user.

Next time the user swipe his/hers card the printing applet is opening up.