If you want to order catering for your meeting, then use the Outlook add-in AskCody Services. Facility will then automatically receive your order and prepare you meeting. 

  1. In Outlook after you’ve send a meeting invitation with external attendees and a booked room, then re-open this meeting invitation
  2. In upper right corner press AskCody Services
  3. Now select Category and Items you need
  4. For each Item select Add Item
  5. Set Quantity for each item
  6. Select delivery Time and Location
  7. Press Continue
  8. Choose Cost Center and Type of Meeting
  9. Press Place Order
  10. A confirmation message will briefly show

Info: You can follow the status of placed order and update or cancel the order by opening the meeting invitation and press the AskCody Services add-in

Info: The order follows you, If you reschedule or cancel your meeting then the order will do the same.