You can set the default preferences for you peronal webex meetingroom from the webex portal.

Go to

Press sign-in the upper right corner, you will now be automatically authenticated with SingleSignOn

In the left pane press Preferences

From the My Personal Room tab you will be able to set the following preferences

  • Host PIN: it is advisable to have a know personal PIN, it is not often it is need but when you suddenly needs it, it is easier to remeber a PIN you have set yourself, than a random generated PIN
  • Automatic Lock: If you uncheck the Automatick Lock, then it is possible for your colleagues to start the meeting if you are late, otherwise they will have to wait in the lobby for you to start the meeting.
  • Alternate host: If you allow anyone with a host account(internal employees) to start the meeting, then it is possible to start the meeting if you are late.

From the Audio and Video tab you will be able to set the following preferences

  • Entry and exit tone: Set this to No tone if you dont want to be interrupted by a beep sound when someone enters or leaves the meeting
  • Default call-in numbers: You can select two default call-in numbers that will be listed in your Webex meeting invites, it is advisable to have the swedish and danish call-in number as default. A link to all other call-in numbers will still be listed in the meeting invite if the attendee need to call-in from another country.
  • Call me numbers: if you enter your mobile number here, then Webex will know your number in the audio setup, so it´s easier to connect audio in meetings.