If you want to schedule a meeting where attendees will need to join from multiple locations, where external guests wont be able to meet in person or if you want to invite employees working remote into a meeting with several attendees in a meetingroom, then Webex is the most suitable solution for you.

Please see First time setup, if you have not activated your Webex account

Create a Webex meeting

To create a new meeting look in the Home tab, press New Items and select Meeting

Now add Title, Required attendees, date & time and agenda for the meeting. 

You can add three different meeting types(Personal Room, Webex Meeting & Personal Conference), see Meeting Types article to find and configure the meeting type that fit your need. 

Locate the Cisco Webex ribbon and press the Add Webex Meeting. Notice that the Webex details will be added to the meeting details.   

Add a webex ready meeting room

If you know that several of the participants will attend from the same office, then it is advisable to add a meeting room with webex ready functionality. 

You can use our Find Room add-in and select Webex under Purposes press Find now select the room that fits your need and press Add. You will notice that the room is listed un the atendees list.