If you want to book a meetingroom then use the Outlook add-in AskCody Bookings. This will help you find the best available room for your need.

  1. In Outlook create a new meeting or appointment
  2. In upper right corner press AskCody Bookings
  3. Select Location
  4. Set filters: Purposes, Equipment and services and Attendees
  5. Press Find - According to the filters you’ve set Bookings will show you a list of the most suitable rooms
  6. Select the room you want to book and press Add
  7. A confirmation message will briefly show

TIP: If you select show [x] occupied rooms, then you can see in the description who has booked the room.

TIP: If you want to book a videoconference meeting between two offices, then select two locations for the same invite and you can book a room in each location.